Meridian is designed to meet your every requirement as follows:-

On cloud or on premiseDesktop or mobile serviceInternal staff or external contractors

Meridian Portal provides a secure, globally accessible and centralized source of technical information for extended project teams. Meridian Portal facilitates the controlled exchange of document deliverables between all internal and external stakeholders, without providing direct access to internal master data and workflows.

Meridian Cloud provides Encompassing engineering change management, release management, and handover management. Allows integration with Meridian Portal for easy collaboration with external contractors. Concurrent engineering is supported across multiple projects for internal and external engineering teams.

Meridian server offers advanced capabilities and integrations through this on-premise server. It has:-

  • local access
  • highly configurable
  • EAM integrations
  • ERP integrations
  • CAD integrations

Explore Meridian features: