Work Order Module

CMMS Feature: Work Order Module


  • Ability to view Work Order details on One Screen
  • Ability to manage Labor Assignments
  • Ability to view Calendars to see Staff and Contractor Availability* and click to assign
  • Ability to track Material, Labor, and Other Costs
  • Ability to update Work Order Status and Sub-Status
  • Ability to check on Warranty, Lock Out, Shutdown, and Follow Up Indicators
  • Ability to access Asset Information
Work Matrix

A Powerful tool for Supervisors to have a quick status update of PMs & Break down WOs. As the Matrix displays the Summary status of Open WOs and PMs in a table by various dimensions- Asset, Location, Labour Assignments, WO Type etc. By clicking on any number, a Chart/ Graph would pop up to display breakdown of the total in Charts/ graph as it is integrated to the Reporter.

Gantt View of Work Orders

Calendar View

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