(Manufacturing Execution System)

Ignition’s ability to connect to both plant-floor (SCADA) and enterprise systems (ERP) on one platform makes it an extremely powerful MES platform that allows MES Applications such as work order scheduling, production control, recipe management, lot genealogy and tracking, SPC, and performance monitoring with OEE, track and trace and production tracking to be implemented . Such MES applications helps to Improve Plant Efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, cuts waste, and increase productivity.

Flexible ERP Connectivity

With full SQL integration out-of-the-box, Ignition

  • connects to any SQL database seamlessly
  • enables connections to web services, including REST and SOAP.
  • connects to virtually any enterprise system, such as SAP, JD Edwards etc.

Enables the creation of robust enterprise dashboards with powerful
visualization and analysis tools.

Creates Dynamic MES Reports

Easily generate dynamic MES reports, like OEE, downtime tracking, production management, historical data analysis, quality assurance, and SPC.

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