Maintain Engineering Data Integrity:

Ensure the quality, accuracy, and completeness of data and metadata

  • Creates a single source of truth for all asset documentation content
  • Avoid costly rework or unplanned downtime caused by inaccurate or outdated information
  • Ensures every change is versioned and audited to show regulatory compliance

Streamlined Data Handover:

Manage the exchange of asset information with internal and external stakeholders.

Performing a high-quality data handover is critical to ensure the safe, reliable and effective operation of a process plant. If the quality of information handed over to operations is questionable, there is a constant need to physically verify the true physical state of the plant. This can drive up the cost of plant modifications by 30%.

  • Quick search & retrieval of engineering documentation
    • Advanced search capabilities to quickly find relevant engineering documentation
    • Ties Documents to Asset Tags
    • Time saved can translate to cost savings as teams are more productive , completing work orders more quickly and efficiently

CAD Application Integration

  • Meridian supports integration with multiple CAD applications, including AutoCAD, MicroStation, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit and DWG based CAD applications.

Break Down Information Silos:

Multiple integrations to EAM, ERP, ECM, Microsoft Office, and CAD authoring applications breaks down information silos between different depts, eliminates duplicate data entry into different systems & Increases efficiency

  • Manages the secure exchange of engineering documentation with external contractors
  • Seamlessly Connect All Engineering and Maintenance Departments’ Stakeholders
  • Meridian is the ultimate repository for consolidating all legacy and project-related engineering information

Ensure Compliance and Safety:

Enable compliance with location and industry-specific regulations to minimize risks and avoid recalls.

  • Fulfil document standard process & comply with global and industry-specific document management regulations. Standards that describe, structure, exchange, and maintain information by classifying asset and document data according to Global and industry standards.

Concurrent Engineering

Shortens project turnaround by keeping track of documents used in concurrent projects.

Customized Workflows

Enable effective control and change management for all engineering content.

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