AXON.iVY Digital Business Platform can be used to develop new, disruptive business model or address an inefficient back office process.

Automation of Admin & Back office Tasks Automation of time & resource consuming

Admin and back-office processes would result in improvement in administrative speed and efficiency! Companies can automate accounting, HR administration, customer management, invoicing, or proposal development. All processes involving third parties can be automated.


Automation of Account Payable Flow

Statistics show only 2 out of 100 invoices contain an error which require human intervention. This means Digitalizing accounts payable processes is easy and almost risk-free! Yet 97% of invoices are still processed manually! According to Forrester Research, Accounts Payable has a high cost per transaction, as high as US$12 per invoice in some organizations.


Work smarter, not harder: It increases productivity and efficiency.


  • Saves time and frees up human brainpower.
  • Get highest accuracy: less human error
  • Control: You have increased visibility, oversight, and accountability.

Integration of multiple Processes & Systems through a single integrated continuous process & an intuitive user interface

Employees face the challenge of working with many IT systems. Axon.ivy Digital Business Platform removes the complexity. It can connect many IT systems and manual processes across the company seamlessly and staff are guided through each process via the intuitive user interface.


Human Centred Workflow


Efficient Form Processing

With Axon. Ivy Digital Business Platform, forms can be homogenized and embedded into processes with an approval procedure and transparent monitoring and control. This means the elimination of hundreds of unnecessary internal forms! These forms create a lot of work to manage, complete, circulate and file. This streamlining effort will result in an 80% increase in efficiency.


Digitalization of HR Processes

Digitalizing Application and Recruiting processes.

HR departments often begin by digitalizing the application and recruiting processes.

Digitalizing HR Onboarding Process 22 percent of turnover occurs within the first 45 days which is a costly statistic that can be easily avoided with the right employee onboarding.

Onboarding is not just a HR concern; it requires the collaboration of several departments and process owners including many types of forms and approval procedures. With Axon Ivy, you can replace complicated Excel sheets, unnecessary e-mail correspondences, and paper chaos with an entirely new digitalized process. AXON Ivy‘s onboarding solution gives you the best-practice guidance to:

  • Coordinate responsibilities
  • Ensure a smooth provision of work material, as well as other arrangements
  • Smooth integration into HR Systems

Manager & Employee Self-service Customers who worked with AXON Ivy said they gain from:

  • 60% less training required
  • 40% time savings by avoiding media breaks
  • 25% increase in productivity

Steps previously developed for other processes can be re-used, thus speeding up the automation process. This can dramatically reduce the automation effort and ensure that the same rules are followed within process variation.


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