(Human Machine Interface)

Powerful HMI to monitor control your Machinery

Ignition’s Designer comes with pre-built optimized components, intuitive vector-based 2D drawing tools, powerful templates, plus industry-leading set of development tools to build HMIs for :

  • historical trending,
  • alarming
  • drag-and-drop ease. 
Tamaki Control

Connect to Any PLC

Ignition is equipped with OPC UA enables connection to third-party OPC servers. In addition, it has driver suites for Modbus, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, for connection to industrial devices. 

You can turn any screen into an HMI

Ignition is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and more, Ignition can be installed on any industrial HMI or device equipped with Java. 

See and Control Your Processes

  • See status of your machine(s) in real-time, 
  • monitor multiple data points at multiple locations, 
  • start and stop processes with the push of a button. 

Analyze Historical Data

View trends & historical data and track KPIs on customizable charts, tables, and graphs via SQL database

Enterprise-Wide HMIs

Ignition can work as a single standalone HMI software solution or have all your HMIs connected together into one enterprise-wide solution to centrally manage, update, and deploy. 

Have full control of your plant floor right via your mobile phone,

or create pure-web HMI applications that use HTML5 and CSS3 to run natively inside any major web browser .

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