Engineering Document Management

Why Meridian EDMS (Engineering Document Management Solution)?

Seamlessly Connect All Engineering and Maintenance Departments’ Stakeholders

Plant engineers depend on record keeping and precision. They require data and accurate records to deal with problems at both the macro (plant efficiency) and micro (component performance) levels. Meridian EDMS offers the best tool for the job as it connects Engineers, Contractors and Operation teams to a centralized repository of all Engineering documentation (includes MS Office documents, PDFs, scanned images and hybrid files) which is secure, scalable, highly accessible with advanced search capabilities. This speeds the exchange of project documents and ensures quality as it eliminates manual interfaces, error sources and losses in quality and efficiency with minimal effort. Meridian is unique because it offers a Single Point of Truth, Managed Collaboration, Concurrent Engineering and Enterprise Integrations to EAM, ERP, ECM, Microsoft office and CAD authoring applications. Meridian ensures a full audit trail for regulatory compliance and enables compliance with global, local and industry-specific regulations.

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